About sales guarantee

The warranty of Carnival is to select the scope and duration.

The second-car guarantee of Carnival has reached the largest 395 projects which is the best in the industry. The second-hand car has 20 kinds of plans, and it can select from 3 kinds of plans from new cars. Through flexible package design, we respond to the needs of diverse customers. We have professional staff with the qualification of maintenance personnel to respond directly, provide "fast", "correct" and "close" services. With a universal system, there will be no unanswered calls. If customsers are far away us, the nearest dealers and repair factories also guarantee to provide repairs. Of course, customer can enjoy guaranteed repairs in the purchase shops ( certified factories and designated factories of the franchisees ). We can match the residence and time pf cutomers flexibly.

The vehicle of CARNIVAL ensures such a severe reason

Update with the aim of meeting the needs of the times! Use the content of the reassurance to eliminate the unease when buying second-hand cars.
All plans have a tight emergency response system. If there are any problems or disputes in the driving process, we ensure to guard in 24 hours of 365 days.

  • Membership fee and membership fee are not needed at all!

  • Hybrid cars, goods vehicles with as the guarantee object!

  • If it is the RS plan, it can be guaranteed within "15 years or less" and "150,000 kilometers".

  • Driving distance and repair times are unlimited!