Assessment of car purchase price

The goal is to sell cars at a price higher than 1 yen and also to win it.

An example is that our price is 258,000 yen more than the dealer's price.

According to the choice of equipment, color, distance and degree, there are various situations, but we do our best to sell at 10,000 yen higher than that of other places. Welcome to do car sales check. In addition, there is an application for price assessment on the website. Please come at any time.

High price recovery guarantee, satisfactory repurchase!

Confidence in the high pricing of acquisitions. Our store has the latest data of 350,000 vehicles and updates every week. Based on the performance of the direct selling system, we provide customers with the latest data every day. We will try our best to check the purchase price of other companies every day and provide a higher purchase amount than other companies.

Most importantly, reasonable price is the basis in the selected store.

We have professional staff with essessment qulification who would carry out the professional evaluation for the vehicle. There will be no post-purchase disputes at all under the acquisition guarantee. We have fast payment and have no problems with the payment loopholes that often occur in large-scale vehicle purchase stores.

After - sales service is also guaranteed to be in place without neglecting the handling of after-sales problems.

There is no need to worry about loans. We will handle the remaining debts well. Of course, the certificate can be issued. After the sale, you can rest assured. We are responsible for handling the formalities for changing the owner and will mail you a notice of completion after the formalities are completed. Providing detailed services such as free car replacement.

Please consult us at any time when ypu want to sell your car.
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