Automobile insurance

Through comparision, you can find the most suitable automobile insurance which meet your needs.

We are the agent store of Dowa General Insurance.
As far, many customers don’t know the compensation content, so customers bought insurance...... Is there such a thing?
Here, we have responsible staff to explain the contents of auto insurance to customers. By understanding the daily automobile usage and family structure of customers, we can work out a personalized plan, which is not only for low prices, but also for specific analysis of each customer's life plan and compensation content. On this basis, we can work out the best and most suitable car insurance plan.

The holders of insurance qualifications to which our company belongs

  • Qualification holder of senior damage estimating: 3 people
  • Special qualification ( automobile ) holder of damage insurance agency store: 21 people

Three key concepts of supporting "solid rely on peace of mind"

"TOUCH" born in the three concepts like "Fast", "Reliable" and "Close"


"TOUGH" contains the following ideas.

It has the meaning of "strength, robustness and firmness". We can provide customers with the most important "sense of peace of mind" and "sense of trust" as insurance products.

With this phrase, it is concise and easy to remember.

Under special circumstances, it can also cope with "fast" and become "reliable" for guests. In addition, we hope to provide "peace of mind and benefit" goods for the environment and society through eco insurance securities, web contracts and marking campaign. It provides "TOUGH" from that idea. Join for the first time, update and change from other insurance companies, Please feel free to contact us.